Tips and advice to get the best out of your next headshot and of course I'm excited to share some of my portraits as well!

Autumn Colors

Can a 'leaf' have a soul? 

Early October mornings when the sun is still rising and has yet to chase away the dew can be an opportune time to explore the forest.

Deep in the forest some leaves stand in solitude and make for great images. Back in the comfort of your home, when you view the prints of those solitary leaves, you can be drawn to anthropomorphise them to a degree and imagine they have soul.


Or perhaps what we feel is just a reflection of ourselves. It's what I aspire to portray in all my portraits.


Mommy To Be

Jessy’s Baby Shower for soon to be baby Abbie was held at Pilot’s Pub.


There must have been at least 50 guests and just as many gifts to open!

It was a pleasure to photograph the shower and happy to see everyone had a great time.

Stonington Gray in the Studio Space

It was well overdue and with the snow still falling outside the studio space has finally been painted by yours truly and it is... you guessed it... glorious gray.

John Hayne Portrait Photography in Halifax, NS

Now that actually sounds like a paint color name so I should be more specific and tell you it's Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170.

John Hayne Portrait Photography in Halifax, NS

A popular gray for any home but I think will perform well as a wall color in the studio space. A very neutral tone that lets colors pop and makes a great change to the overall space.

The County Ex

Whether it's the Hants County Exhibition in Musquodoboit or the Halifax County Exhibition in Windsor, it's really just The Ex.

If you're not wearing boots, you might not be from around here.

If your boots don't have spurs, you might not be from around here.


An incredible amount of pride, preparation, skill, talent and good ol' fashion hard work went into those ribbons.



Can you ride? Can you ride while being judged and under the gun of the stopwatch?


When the sun goes down; a different kind of horsepower takes the stage.


John Hayne Portrait Photography in Halifax, NS

No detail goes unattended. The cowboy makes a final adjustment before he enters the arena.



All are welcome and if you're not cowgirl or cowboy already, you'll wanna be one by the time you leave.

The First Mate

 While the captain is busy in the cabin piloting the vessel, the First Mate is back with our crew making sure it's smooth sailing ahead. I was invited on a trip to McNabs island and I shot the whole adventure in black and white. Being careful to stay out of his way, I got to capture a slice of ‘a day in the life’ of the First Mate.