Tips and advice to get the best out of your next headshot and of course I'm excited to share some of my portraits as well!

How not to look guarded in your portrait

John Hayne Portrait Photography in Halifax, NS

Standing flat footed, body stiff and no expression - When does this work?
It works if it's 1870 and you're part of the 78th Highland Regiment in their MacKenzie tartan kilts guarding the Halifax Citadel.

If, on the other hand, it's 2016 and you're looking to engage versus intimidate your viewer, here are a few tips for a natural and dynamic pose filled with energy.

  1. Shift your weight to one foot. This can add some curve to your body and exhibit a more relaxed look.
  2. If it bends, bend it. Stiff straight joints make you look stiff. For men - put your hands in your pockets or hold your hands together. For women - put one hand on your hip, you want a nice gentle bend in the elbow, avoid 90 degree angles.
  3. If you have two of something make them different. Tilt your shoulders so they are at unequal heights. For women - place one leg in front of the other or place one hand on your hip and let the other arm rest naturally.

You and your photographer don't need to memorize poses and your photographer should see problem areas and know how to fix them. You're photographer can act as your mirror and create an environment so you feel free to try new things and make mistakes.

John Hayne Portrait Photography in Halifax, NS

Bonus tip! Just like our soldier here keep that thoracic spine straight and don't slouch, just remember you're not guarding the Halifax Citadel!