Tips and advice to get the best out of your next headshot and of course I'm excited to share some of my portraits as well!

Mood Management

The main charge of the portrait photographer is to get the best out of the person in front of their camera. Lights, Camera, Action! But what about the mood?

My secret weapon is my partner, the lovely Trudy. She is the most empathetic person I know. She can read people and understand their emotional state like no one. Check her out in action as she whispers to Abby to give us her stinky face!


As a junior high teacher her relationship building and mood management are tested and perfected everyday. We wanted to photograph Abby on a black background in a corner portrait. Trudy is almost completely out of the frame but she's still working her magic.


I’ve learned an incredible amount and when she’s available in the studio she keeps everyone happy, engaged and ready for action! Say hi to Abby, she's going to be a scientist... and a heart-breaker!