Tips and advice to get the best out of your next headshot and of course I'm excited to share some of my portraits as well!

Welcome to my blog


This blog is for anyone who is about to get in front of a camera. Stepping in front of that lens can be intimidating especially if your photographer is lacking in direction leaving you to ask yourself: 'OK - What do I do now?', so I will share tips and insights that help you get the most out of your next portrait or headshot session.

First, I want to give credit where credit is due and I have learned plenty from studying Joe McNally, Zack Arias, Sue Bryce, Tamara Lackey, Peter Hurley, Scott Kelby, Lindsay Adler, Roberto Valenzuela and many more. So if you read something and think ‘Hey, Joe McNally said that!’ or ‘Oh, that sounds like a Hurleyism!’ then of course you’re right and they deserve full credit.

I’m highlighting tips and tricks that I’ve found helpful and that show results. So the next time you’re in front of a camera, I hope you recall something I've posted here that helps make the best photograph you have ever seen of yourself!