The Headshot FAQ

Q1: Will it hurt?

It's painless and you'll look great! It's a fun time where you can let your guard down to get that authentic, natural expression. 


Q2: What should I wear?

Clothing can make or break an image. Some choices look great to the eye but appear less than stellar on camera so you can never have too many choices during your shoot. But what should you wear? If you're a traditional CEO it's a suit and tie. If you're an actor it's a pop of color to stand out from the competition. We discuss clothing specific to you in our pre-shoot meeting but some general guidelines for group portraits are worth reviewing here.


Q3: When are my images available online?

Images are available in a private gallery three business days after the shoot. Your images are culled and archived soon after you leave the studio. We'll send you an email with a link and instructions so you can pick your faves. If you choose the Pose & Go session your image are ready in only one business day.


Q4: When are my images delivered?

Once you've made your choices, your images are processed and delivered in three business days. We work with you to help narrow down your selections to arrive at you favourites. If you choose the Pose & Go session your images are ready in only one business day.


Q5: What size and format are my files?

Your files are optimized for onscreen viewing and sized at 2048 x 1365 pixels. The files are 8bit sRGB IEC61966-2.1 JPEG with maximum quality. If you choose the Premiere session your files are sized at ‎6016 x 4016 pixels and provided as 16bit Pro Photo RGB flattened TIFF files.


Q6: What is the Model Release?

The Model Release provides written signed consent enabling me to use your portrait, image, or likeness for any trade or commercial purpose. This allows me to use any images created during your commissioned session in my portfolio whether online or in print, displayed in the studio or used in other advertising and marketing materials. The Model Release must be read and signed before the session begins. A copy for you to review beforehand at your leisure is included here. A printed copy will be provided at the studio for us both to date and sign.


Q7: What is the Headshot Agreement?

The Headshot Agreement outlines the studio policies and includes details specific to your session so you have a reference for when and what you'll receive before, during and after the session. The agreement absolves us from any and all damages or losses occurred while on the premises or during the shoot. The Headshot Agreement must be read and signed before the session is booked. A copy for you to review is included here. If you have not signed a copy before you book your session, a printed copy will be provided at the studio for you to date and sign.